Two Best Tools For Kindle Ebook Research

Want to write an ebook and publish it on highly-rewarding platforms such as Kindle? But you are struck what niche to write in and how to verify if the topic you’re chosing would be profitable or not?

Don’t lose hope. There are some good softwares and/or browser extensions made by some awesome people which can help you chose multiple profitable Kindle niches.

  1. Kindle Spy Tool – available as a browser extension, can be used on any OS. Original price is $97 one-time fee, but with my special link, you get it at FLAT 50% OFF, only in $47. Get the KDPSpy Research Tool.
  2. KDP Rocket – available as a software program, can be used on Mac and PC. One-time fee is $97. Get the KDP Rocket tool here.

Ah, did I tell you both the products come with a 30-days money back guarantee. You can ask for a no-questions asked refund if you don’t like the product at all.

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