Miracle Morning – Summary Of The Famous Book by Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning

If you are wasting your time, then you won’t get success in life. Everyone, including you, know that. You also know that every famous and successful person, anywhere in the world, wakes up early in the morning and do something in that time that sets him or her apart from the unsuccessful persons. But what miracle they do in the morning that create a profound difference between you and them? Hal Elrod, in his book – Miracle Morning, has written six simple habits for you to do and achieve success.

It’s called SAVERS. It’s an acronym, whose full form is:

S —- Silence

A —- Affirmations

V —- Visualization

E —- Exercise

R —- Reading

S —- Scribing

Let’s go over them one by one.


Do meditation, start with not more than 5 minutes in the morning. By doing meditation, you can control your thoughts and feelings greatly. If you can control your mind, no one can stop you from being successful. Don’t worry, as meditation is very easy to start. Sit in a quiet place and set a timer for 5 minutes. And then just focus on your breathing, and don’t think. You will get a lot of thoughts, and you will notice that you may start to feel some anxiety, let it go. Continue to focus on as you breathe in and out. You will slowly learn how to meditate easily.


Write your ideal life on a paper or in a notebook, in present tense. And then read with meaning, emotions and intent. Say you want to become healthy by doing exercise daily, write – “I take care of my health and exercise daily”. Read all your affirmations aloud in the morning. You can do this habit after doing meditation.


Close your eyes and think about your perfect life for 5 minutes. Take a deep breathe and visualize as if you are already living that amazing life. You will get a ton of motivation and inspiration for the whole day, that will in turn gives you energy to face the difficulties in the day.


When you increase your blood flow in the body, both your concentration level and your health improves. The point is, this habit makes you eyes open and you become alert. If you don’t have much time, you can only do stretching for 2-3 minutes.


Just like you shower everyday to clean your body, you must also read good books to clean your thoughts. When you read any good book in the morning, your mind is cleared of the negative thoughts and for the rest of the day, you have a bunch of good thoughts to think of. I recommend not to read newspapers and any such stressful things. Read good books like classics or motivational or biographies of successful persons. Even 5 minutes of reading is enough. You just have to make this a habit, like brushing your teeth.


Keep a journal with you and write your feelings in it. Analyse yourself and focus on your strengths and weaknesses. You can start with writing a to-do list. It gives you a road-map for the whole day and sets your priorities. This habit is a big part of the famous book – The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.


These Miracle Morning habits allows you to be proactive and helps you achieve all your goals. Whoever has practiced these habits have achieved happiness, became healthy, increased their income and got success in various areas of their lives.


I can personally say this that the Miracle Morning habits have transformed me greatly in the last seven days. I am more confident towards any work. These habits are much more effective than drinking acidic tea or coffee in the morning. You must implement these right now.

Remember, successful people do more before 8 AM than most people do throughout the day.

Tip: Read and practice the Miracle Morning habits mentioned here or in the book and comment here after 7 or 10 days. What problems you faced? What changed in those 7 or 10 days? Ask questions, I’ll help you.

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